How to register at // Staria Affiliate Program

1) If you dont have a partnerID number already, go to and choose "Sign up" from the top menu to create a new partnerID. Simply enter your personal data and provide a bank account where the money you gonna earn is transfered to.

2) You will receive an email confirmation with your partnerID and your salesID immediatly. Use your partnerID and your created password to log into the affiliate cash members area. Thats it, your partnerID is now active and you can start earning money!

3) To get ready affiliate link codes for your banners or textlinks simply enter your salesID(!) in the field "Enter your sales ID" and you get ready codes!

4) IMPORTANT: do always use your salesID(!) number with our affiliate links! Otherwise the system wont recognize you and can't allocate the sales to you!


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